Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Fitzgerald doesn't like court orders, but Scott Walker loves trains after all

Obeying court orders is for suckers.  That has to be Scott Fitzgerald's thinking.  How else could he accuse Judge Maryann Sumi of "[flying] in the face of separation of powers" in blocking the implementation of a law she had enjoined from being published?  An injunction means STOP.  I don't see the issue here, unless Fitzgerald is asserting that A) checks and balances no longer exist, or B) the judiciary branch only gets to exercise its authority to interpret law and appraise the legality and constitutionality of laws when people not named Walker and Fitzgerald are in power.  Pretty embarrassing statement, that.

Still, that little tidbit isn't nearly as deliciously ironic as this article I spotted in the Green Bay Press-Gazette yesterday.  Yes, the governor who told Congress to take their $810 million for high speed rail and shove it right up their ass is now asking for $150 million to improve the high-speed rail line between Milwaukee and Chicago.  And why, pray tell, should anyone in Washington believe him?  What's going to stop Governor Privatize Everything from waking up tomorrow, remembering that he really doesn't like trains at all, and throwing another temper tantrum about how he really doesn't want that money?  And even if he doesn't change his mind, I really don't think people in Congress will be in a mood to fork over $150 million after the way Walker made such a show of his intention to turn down high speed rail dollars in his campaign.

Besides, if Governor Walker really wanted to do some good, and I'm only half joking, what he really needs to do is build a road or railway that allows those of us in Northeast Wisconsin to get to Madison quickly (US 151 out of Fond du Lac doesn't count) without having to take Wisconsin 26 right through the Speeding Ticket Capital of the World.  I speak, of course, of Rosendale, Wisconsin, a one stoplight town with a real penchant for catching people going one mile/hour over the limit and nailing them with a ticket.  I count myself extremely lucky never to have been pulled over there, but I do have one of the t-shirts a convenience store in town sells.  It's got a picture of a police car on it and reads, "Rosendale: It's the ticket!"  Just saying.

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