Monday, June 6, 2011

#AccordingtoPalin is trending

After the Paul Revere gaffe, and the creepy fallout involving some of her supporters trying to edit the Wikipedia page on Paul Revere to fit her version of events,* it wasn't hard to see these jokes coming.

Some of the better ones include:
The moon landing of Lance Armstrong shows what ordinary Americans can do when government just gets out of our way.
The free market wouldve solved that whole slavery thingamabob way before 1860 if taxes on the top 1% were lower.
That first one was courtesy of Jon Stewart.  I have a feeling this hashtag will be going strong for a while.

*I thought Conservatives hated post-modernism?  Sullivan says it best:
One of the most pernicious and dangerous features of Palin is her clinical refusal to understand reality, to accept error, to acknowledge when the facts she has cited are not actually facts, but delusions. And her vanity and pathologies are so deep she will insist that black is white until her minions actually find a source to prove it.
H/T: Andrew Sullivan.

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