Thursday, April 7, 2011

Adios, Glenn Beck

Gary Farber at Obsidian Wings is dancing on his television show's grave.  Worth the read, if only for a laugh at just how crazy the man is.

Jon Avlon from the Daily Beast joins in:
A low-lights reel of Beck’s worst moments on Fox would take hours to watch, but it would offer a useful seminar on the politics of incitement and near-mainstreaming of conspiracy theories in the Obama era. A talented broadcaster, Beck used his perch to echo old narratives straight out of the paranoid style in American politics—sinister plots to impose one-world government, the intentional subversion of the Constitution, the oppression of the faithful at the hands of a secular socialist elite hell-bent on replacing the American experiment with tyranny. “The Glenn Beck Show” is the closest the John Birch Society has ever come to having their own national program, reaching millions and poisoning political debate in the process.
 Here's hoping Beck's ratings collapse is a sign of a return to sanity.

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