Friday, April 1, 2011

Just a thought

If a law professor like, I don't know, this one, can blow off reasonable criticism from a liberal blogger (namely, this one) by telling him to "go read Sartre" (insinuating that all liberals share Sartre's sentiment that "class must be eliminated at all costs"), can we liberals tell said law professor to "go read Rand" and use that as our discussion-killer too?

Not that I want to imply that all conservatives believe as Rand believed that only the most extreme laissez-faire capitalism is a legitimate economic system, God does not exist, altruism is evil, and the intellectual elite are fully entitled to engage in terrorism if the huddled masses don't appreciate their genius. That would be wrong.

Just as wrong, in fact, as implying that any liberals actually care what Jean-Paul Sartre (a committed Marxist) wrote on politics, let alone agree with it.

Postscript: I'll just mention that I have to concede that I myself agree with Rand on the point about God not existing. I'm not happy about this, because my experience of Rand is pretty much summed up like this: I read Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead and decided I'd like to grow up to be nearly everything that woman hated. I guess no one's perfect.

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