Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A query for Paul Ryan

Rep. Ryan, your party lambasted President Obama for proposing (and ultimately passing) a health care plan that, you claimed, "rationed" care.  How is it, then, that providing a $5000 voucher for health care is not "rationing?"  Just asking.

Even consistency must give way when the gods of the Church of Cut My Taxes demand sacrifice.  Andrew Sullivan has the same realization:
There are a few infallible, eternal truths that must be adhered to, like a papal bull, if one is to remain in good standing with the GOP - regardless of the circumstances. So cutting taxes is sacred if we are in a boom or a bust, if we have soaring debt and if we have a healthy surplus. The same with foreign policy, where the orthodoxy demands constant intervention abroad, a crude reliance on firepower as a measure of strength, and a public stance of us-or-them belligerence personified by Palin and phonily mimicked by Romney.
Dare I say, "Amen?"  Not that the Democrats are much better, considering how utterly cowed they have been by the GOP's rhetoric.  Where is the party leadership on this?  Where is the President?  Democrats should be fighting to get in front of every camera and microphone in Washington to point out the unseriousness of Ryan's proposals, and the devastating impact of his plan on the middle class.  Instead, they've allowed the GOP to steal the stage, and portray even a return to Clinton-era tax rates as unthinkable, and virtually un-American.  How contemptible.

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