Monday, May 16, 2011

Blogger issues and other travails of networked life

That total outage late last week was frustrating.  And there've been ancillary effects too!  Specifically, random junk symbols got inserted into the labels of my posts from Thursday (the day of the outage), and my attempt to edit those bits of text out and restore legible labels has resulted in those posts being put up again with today as their publication date.

I noticed on Thursday that YouTube was having issues as well.  Are there broader problems for Google?

I only ask because I and every other Playstation owner in North America finally regained access to the Playstation Network for the first time since the attack by hackers on April 20.

And just in case someone from "hacktivist" group Anonymous happens to read this, a word of advice: Massively inconveniencing people and engaging in perhaps the most enormous act of identity theft in history are not ways to get people on your side, or draw positive attention to any cause.  They are, on the other hand, and excellent way to draw the ire of the cyber-crime folks at the Secret Service and the FBI and, eventually, a lengthy time-out in the federal slammer.*  Don't like that Sony sues people for going on Sony's proprietary Network with hacked software?  Write a letter.

There are times when I loathe the 21st Century.

*The Office Space description of federal prison still cracks me up.

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