Friday, May 6, 2011

Massive irony alert

This article in the MJS has to be a joke, right?

Nope, it turns out Scott Walker, friend of state employees, wants to tell them how we "can't thank them enough" for their efforts.
Walker wants workers to nominate colleagues for outstanding innovation, dedication and going the extra mile, though miles logged at the protest marches wouldn't count. And he's asking the public to nominate workers who gave excellent customer service.
If you want to know what some workers think about the idea, visit the comment section on YouTube under Walker's video. "We can't say thank you enough from one end of the state to the other, from one state agency to another," Walker said about his new State Employee Recognition Program a few days ago, just in time for State Employee Appreciation Week.

"I think I just sprained my eye-rolling muscles," was one of the many responses. As of Thursday, 15 people clicked that they liked what he had to say, and 681 disliked it.

"This is the moral equivalent of beating up your wife and then taking her out to dinner to make up for it," another wrote.
My reaction was to ask just what sort of an asshole thinks he can run an entire election campaign on denigrating state workers, and dedicate virtually his entire term in office thus far to screwing state workers, then turn around and give an award to express gratitude to those same people.  Not that state workers don't deserve our thanks and praise.  Of course they do, but Scott Walker is not the person to do it.  The sole purpose of this is to give Walker a nice photo op.

Honestly, I think the irony from this might be massive and dense enough that it threatens the fabric of space-time itself.

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