Wednesday, May 11, 2011

World-historical hypocrisy

Emily Yoffe at Slate posts a takedown of Newt and Callista Gingrich this morning.  Money quote:
I’ll give the Gingriches credit for their utter lack of irony. At the same time he was denouncing Bill Clinton for his sexual transgressions, Newt was carrying on a long-term extramarital affair with Callista. But that was so long ago, and now, the Journal writes, he and Callista are out there campaigning, “to bring moral leadership back to our nation.” Toward that end one of his groups “funneled $150,000 in seed money to a successful campaign last fall to oust three Iowa Supreme Court judges who supported gay marriage.”  How morally bankrupt can two people be? I actually don’t care that much about other people’s infidelities or accumulation of marriages. But apparently Newt and Callista do care enough about the love lives of others to put their money where their mouths are to prevent two people of the same sex having the same right as they do to marry the person they (finally, really and truly this time) love.
Well put.   And I share her opinion that Gingrich has to know he hasn't the slightest chance of actually winning.  The campaign is a money grab.

How pathetic is it that running for the highest office in the land has turned (for some) into an opportunity for self-promotion and greed?

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