Monday, May 16, 2011

World-historical slogan humor

A good laugh, courtesy of Alex Knapp:
Gingrich 2012: He will always love America. Unless it gets cancer.
Call me overly optimistic for my own party's chances, but I don't see a serious candidate yet in the Republican field.  Gingrich is a national joke, and his moral failings will become campaign fodder the instant he becomes a viable candidate, if not before then.  Pawlenty can't win his own state - a traditional death knell for presidential ambition (ask Al Gore).  If Palin and Hucksterabee run, I don't see how either of them can be seen as anything other than fringe candidates with absolutely no appeal to independents.  Ditto Santorum, who also has that whole Google problem thanks to the work of Dan Savage (try googling "Santorum" sometime).  Trump is a sideshow.  Paul is too honest on fiscal issues and too crazy on foreign policy.  Cain and Johnson are too unknown, and both remind me a lot of the character of Eddie Quinn from my favorite political novel, Dark Horse, by Fletcher Knebel.  They're unknown, so they can say things that people agree with, but the more known they become, the more they will have to hedge.   Romney would be formidable, but the flip-flopping will cause major headaches in primaries, and other candidates will hang him with Romneycare, even though I think it was a great idea.  And the Mormon thing will hurt him with some evangelicals.

I'm sorry, but at this point I'm in complete agreement with Matt Taibbi's assessment:
Was pleased to learn this afternoon that Newt Gingrich is formally announcing his run for the White House. I literally cannot wait to get back to covering the insane reality show that is the presidential race, especially since the Republicans seem determined to run the most entertaining collection of mutants seen on earth since Tod Browning’s classic Freaks.

H/T: Sullivan.

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